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Doctor Who 1970s

This is probably the widest range of 1970s Doctor Who merchandise you'll find anywhere.

Prices include UK postage.  This always comes with the necessary insurance cover. 

Combined postage is always available; my policy is not to make money out of p+p.  I'll refund the change from your postage through PayPal.  It'll be sent by the most economical rate, which still includes the insurance.  If you'd like to know before you buy what the total p+p will be, please contact me. 

Overseas customers:  for overseas postage rates, please email me using the 'contact us' button at the foot of this page.  Everything's sent airmail, with the appropriate insurance cover.  If you're happy with the postage cost, I can then invoice you for the extra through PayPal.  (You won't have to pay the UK postage price as well, of course!)  Thanks!


Found 43 products
VERY RARE: Jo Grant Sugar Smacks badge / pin, 1971.
The Amazing World of Doctor Who
1970s diamond Doctor Who logo badge / pin.
RARE: The Master Sugar Smacks badge
V RARE: Doctor Who Jon Pertwee Sugar Smacks badge / pin, 1971
RARE and VGC: TV Action 59 with Jon Pertwee cover and comic strip.
TV Action #120, with superb Jon Pertwee cover
TV Action #82, with superb Jon Pertwee cover and strip
RARE: The Dalek Annual 1978. VGC!
GIGA-RARE: BOXED Denys Fisher Giant Robot. Doctor Who Mego / Denys Fisher figures.
VERY RARE: Ty-Phoo Tea Doctor Who cards, 1976. Choose yours!
V RARE: 1978 Doctor Who Poster Art Kit. Thomas Salter Toys. Not coloured in!
Mega-rare: Remus Play Kit 3D Doctor Who clay picture, 1979
VERY RARE: Doctor Who and the Daleks jigsaw, 1972. GC. One piece missing!
V RARE: Doctor Who dymo-type labeller, late 70s.
RARE: Doctor Who Annual 1974. Good condition plus.
Mega-rare: Doctor Who Winter Special 1977 from Polystyle.
VERY RARE: Weetabix cards, second series. Choose yours! Price includes UK p+p.
VERY RARE: Weetabix 1975 cards with original backing. Choose yours! Price includes p+p.
VERY RARE: Weetabix 1975 Draconian card.
VERY RARE: Weetabix 1975 figures, listing one. Choose yours! Price includes UK p+p.
RARE: The Dalek Annual 1977. Unclipped price tag!
GIGA-RARE: UNUSED Doctor Who Letraset transfer set, 1976. VGC.
VERY RARE: The Brigadier Sugar Smacks badge, 1971.
Mega-rare: Boxed and working 1974 Marx Robot Action Dalek.
Mega-rare: Nestle Doctor Who chocolate wrapper, 1975.
RARE: Jon Pertwee's Co-op Cookbook: Baking Your Cake and Eating It.
VERY RARE: White Lion hb of Doctor Who and the Zarbi.
VERY RARE: White Lion hb of Doctor Who and the Crusaders, 1975
RARE: Doctor Who Annual 1975
Mega-rare: Odds against Dr [Doctor Who] with the Ogrons. 1972 jigsaw. Boxed and complete.
VERY RARE: Doctor Who and Bessie jigsaw, 1971. 3 pieces missing. Jon Pertwee.
Mega-rare: Radio Times for The Time Warrior part 1. Jon Pertwee, Doctor Who
Mega-rare: Radio Times for Doctor Who: Colony in Space with Frank Bellamy art. Jon Pertwee.
Mega-rare: Radio Times for Spearhead from Space, 1970. Jon Pertwee, Doctor Who
VERY RARE: Radio Times for Genesis of the Daleks 1. Doctor Who, Terry Nation, Tom Baker
V RARE: The Making of Doctor Who. 1st edition, Piccolo, 1972. Malcolm Hulke and Terrance Dicks. Recommended!
VERY RARE: Doctor Who and the Daleks Jon Pertwee jigsaw, 1972. Good condition, 1 piece missing.
VERY RARE: The Water Margin Dalek Bubble Bath, 1976
VERY RARE: BOXED Palitoy Talking K9, 1978.
RARE, boxed Denys Fisher Doctor Who Tom Baker figure. (AKA Mego!) From 1976.
VERY RARE: Red 1970s Marx Bump and Go / Tricky Action Dalek
1971 Doctor Who Annual: mega rare! Published 1970
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