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VERY RARE: Jo Grant Sugar Smacks badge / pin, 1971.
RARE: Doctor Who and the Genesis of the Daleks. 1st Target books edn.
RARE: Doctor Who - The Mutation of Time. Target books, Hartnell.
RARE: Doctor Who - The Savages. Target books, William Hartnell
Doctor Who Magazine Subscriber's Edition #536
Doctor Who Magazine Subscriber's Edition # 535, VGC
Doctor Who - The Mind of Evil. Pertwee, Target Books
Doctor Who and the Web of Fear. VGC-, Troughton, Target Books.
Doctor Who and the Doomsday Weapon. VGC. Pertwee, Target Books.
RARE: Doctor Who - The Celestial Toymaker. William Hartnell, Target
Doctor Who: The Scripts: The Crusade
RARE: Doctor Who - The Scripts - The Power of the Daleks.
Doctor Who - Kinda. 1st edn. Peter Davison, Target Books.
Doctor Who - Time and the Rani. Rare first Target Books edition. McCoy's Doctor.
Doctor Who and the Daleks. Superb novel! Hartnell, Target Books.
RARE: Doctor Who - Silver Nemesis. VGC 1st edn. Sylvester McCoy, Target Books.
RARE first edition: Doctor Who - The Three Doctors. Jon Pertwee, Target
RARE: BT phonecard: Doctor Who: The Daleks (aka The Dead Planet)
RARE: Doctor Who BT phonecard: An Unearthly Child
The Amazing World of Doctor Who
Terry Nation's Dalek Special. VGC 1st edition copy.
Doctor Who - The Pescatons. Tom Baker, Target Books.
Script: Doctor Who: The Tomb of the Cybermen. A superb read!
Script: Doctor Who: The Daemons. A superb read!
MINT, NEW: Doctor Who [and the Giant] Robot. Virgin blue spine, Tom Baker, Target
Doctor Who and the Talons of Weng-Chiang. 1st Target books edition. Tom Baker.
Doctor Who and the Invisible Enemy. Tom Baker, Target. 1st edition.
RARE: Doctor Who - The Faceless Ones. Troughton, Target Books
Doctor Who - The Five Doctors. Davison, Target Books.
1970s diamond Doctor Who logo badge / pin.
RARE 1970s red logo Doctor Who badge / pin
Doctor Who - Vengeance on Varos. 1st edn. Colin Baker, Target Books
Doctor Who - Parasite. Jim Mortimore. NDWA
Doctor Who - Blood Harvest. Terrance Dicks. NDWA
Doctor Who - Slipback. Colin Baker, Target
Make Your Own Adventure with Doctor Who: Crisis in Space
RARE: Doctor Who - The Ultimate Evil. Colin Baker, Target Books
The Second Doctor Who Monster Book. Fab! VGC.
RARE: The Complete Second Doctor. DWM Special Edition. Recommended!
RARE: Doctor Who - Fury from the Deep. Troughton, Target Books
RARE: Tom Baker Poster Magazine, 1974
Doctor Who [and] The Daemons, SIGNED BY CHRISTOPHER BARRY
RARE: The Dalek World, 1965
Doctor Who Magazine # 524
Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition: The World of Doctor Who: Fandom
Doctor Who Magazine, subscriber's copies
Jodie Whittaker Radio Times, week beginning 6th October
RARE: Christopher Eccleston as Macbeth, RSC theatre programme.
RARE: Doctor Who [and] An Unearthly Child. Virgin blue spine. Hartnell, Target
Doctor Who and the Terror of the Autons. GC! Jon Pertwee, Target

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